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Every Department is now computerized
In pace with high tech society everything now in Rajiv Gandhi Mahavidyalaya is computerized including, Admission Procedure, Fee Management, Student Information. Via a management software developed by RBB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Rajiv Gandhi Mahavidyalaya
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For Admission :- admission@rajivgandhicollege.co.in
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For Employment :- career@rajivgandhicollege.co.in
Rules at RGM, Uchan(Jind)
Main Rules
  1. Fee and dues once paid are not refundable.
  2. Securities not withdrawn within a year after the end of the session will lapse and shall no be refunded.
  3. Securities: withdrawal of all kind of securities is permissible after the month of September of the year following the one of which the security was deposited. Application for the refund of securities can be made on the 2nd Saturday and the refund claimed on the last Saturday of every month after September, except holidays failing on the days. The claimant must present himself in person to receive the cheque.

Leave Rules
  1. The students may apply for leave on the prescribed form available in the college office.
  2. A tutor may grant leave up to one week. The senior tutor will grant leave up to a fortnight.
  3. Only the principal shall grant leave for a longer duration.
  4. A medical certificate from the college doctor or from the Govt. dispensary/hospital must accompany the leave application.

University and class Tests/Examination Rules
  1. No student shall allow appearing in the university examination unless he/she has attended at least 75% lectures delivered to the class in each subject.
  2. To be eligible for the university examination, the students have to fulfill conditions specified in the ordinances related to that examination given in the Kurukshetra University Calendar.
  3. Student using unfair means in the class test/examinations shall severely punished and all concessions granted to them shall be withdrawn.
  4. Students who fail n the house examinations in any paper will automatically loose the concessions being enjoyed by them irrespective of the basis on which the concession was granted.
  5. In case a student does not appear in the tests/examinations, he has to deposit a fee of Rs. 100.00 per test, special arrangement to be made for him.
  6. The answer book of the class test/examination will be given to the students for inspection, but must be returned to the teacher concerned to be deposit with the examination branch of the college.

Library Rules
  1. Identity and library cards are non-transferable.
  2. No book will be issued to students unless they produce their identity and library cards at the issue counter.
  3. Under-graduate students are entitled to draw two books. Honours-three & post graduate students are entitled to draw four books from the library.
  4. Books are issued for the 14 days with the exception of the same books which can not be retained for more than one week or in case three days. A fine of Rs. 1 per day shall be charged for each volume kept overtime.
  5. Books can be re-issued at the discretion of the librarian keeping in view the demand of the students.
  6. Students should draw books from text books section. Reference section overnight. Special fine of Rs.10 shall be charged from defaulters.
  7. Books lost or defaced in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower, failing which current price of the book will be charged.
  8. Students should examine the books/magazine carefully before getting the same issued. If a book/magazine is damaged, the fact should be brought to the notice of the librarian who will sign on it as an evidence of the defect.
  9. Students on leave must arrange for the return of books in time. The librarian can order any book to be returned at his discreation.
  10. Reference books, syllabi, illustrated material and journals etc. are to be consulted in library only. Any student found guilty of taking such material outside the library shall be held guilty of pilferage.
  11. Duplicate identity card shall be issued on payment of Rs. 50 but the owner of the card shall be responsible for the books issued on the original card. The report for the loss of identity card must be submitted in written at the issue counter. No duplicate card shall be issued after February 2010.
  12. Identity card is returnable at the end of session. Special fine of Rs. 50 shall be charged from the defaulters.
  13. Students are expected to see the library notice board from time to time.
  14. Information regarding admission notice, results, vacancies etc. is displayed on the career information notice board.
  15. Perfect silence and order must be maintained in the library at all time.
Hon’ble Vice-President of India is happy to know that Rajiv Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Uchana Mandi is publishing its annual magazine, ‘Rajiv Jyoti’.
Dr. Md. Hamid AnsariRead More
I am sure that this college magazine will also give an opportunity to the faculty and students to express their views on different subjects which require improvement and change.
Dr. A.R. Kidwai Read More
Educational institutions are the temples of knowledge and learning. In this modern era of science and technology, it is imperative to provide quality education to the students.
Birender SinghRead More
The college magazine is indeed a valuable forum offered to the young talents to draw upon their creative urge and do useful write-ups for their fellow beings to enjoy.
Dr. R. P. BajpaiRead More
Colleges, universities and other educational institutions are the temples of knowledge which are helpful in eradicating the darkness of ignorance from society.
Mrs. Prem LataRead More
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